ApaCal + D3®

ApaCal + D3®
Calcium Hydroxy Apatite 220 mg + vitamin D3


  • Regulating the calcium phosphorus balance
  • Osteoporosis treatment and prevention
  • Great efficacy and tolerability
  • Reduction in skeletal pain
  • Maintaining bone mass
  • Reduction in fraction risk

What is Calcium Hydroxy Apatite?

Calcium is an essential nutrient required in substantial amounts, but many diets are deficient in calcium making supplementation necessary or desirable.

Hydroxyapatite is a calcium phosphate similar to the human hard tissues mineral in morphology and composition. Particularly, it has a hexagonal crystal structure and a stoichiometric Ca/P ratio of 1.67, which is identical to bone apatite.

An important characteristic of hydroxyapatite is its stability when compared to other calcium phosphates. Thermodynamically hydroxyapatite is the most stable calcium phosphate compound under physiological conditions as temperature, pH and composition of the body fluids.

The active substance in the capsules of the product is the calcium salt of – hydroxyapatite Ca 10 (PO 4 ) 6  (OH) 2, the crystals of which are grown in a controlled process to nanometric, ultra-small, exactly as they are in the human body – bones, tooth enamel and dentin, joints, nails and skin.

What are The advantages of nanosynthesis?

In ApaCal® the Calcium Hydroxyapatite is nano synthesized and therefore the adsorption process occurs all at once.

Thus, a supersaturated state occurs in the blood that contains various ions, including calcium, phosphate, magnesium, and hydroxide ions.

The advantage of nanoparticles for the body over all conventional substances is their rapid uptake without the need for further processing (metabolism).

Nanocrystals with different parameters grown in a biologically suitable size range contain calcium and phosphorus ions, which are already in a ratio of 1.67 with  a Ca / P ratio that is exactly suitable for the body. This ensures that the body is supplied with both vital chemical elements very quickly, enabling it to be repaired immediately and prevented.

The contact area (specific surface area) of nanoparticles is up to 1250 times larger than that of conventional substances and therefore the action of crystals on the body is much more intense than that of micro dimensional supplements.

While the intestinal uptake of a micro dimensional supplement takes place at the pace of the digestive process, in an average of 24 hours, ApaCal® capsules already have a biologically acceptable particle size: the body no longer has to process them and need additional catalysts to absorb them.

What is Biomimetic calcium hydroxy apatite?

The reason for using these compounds in the structure of nano calcium hydroxyapatite is to approach the natural structure of the body.

Nano Calcium Hydroxyapatite in ApaCal® is a biomimetic sample because it is quite similar to the body structure.

In fact, ApaCal® provides a complete package for ossification or repair bones (osteoconduction and osteoinduction). Complete package including calcium, phosphate, magnesium, and hydroxide groups for pain relief.

How Calcium Hydroxy Apatite can relief the pain?

Crystals that have entered the inflammatory site through the bloodstream make the environment more alkaline again. This reduces the inflammation and slows down or stops the destruction of cartilage and significantly reduces the pain. The pH formed by the nanoparticles is alkaline and therefore helps to normalize the acidic environment that destroys the cartilage of inflammatory lesions in painful joints and causes pain. This fact explains the preventive effect of ApaCaL® already in the first manifestations of joint problems.

The positive effect can be seen within a week or two of starting the capsules.

Bone density is ensured by the body’s vital function of maintaining the constant Ca2+ ions in the blood. However, if the body does not get enough calcium from food or the mechanism of absorption is disrupted, it will take the necessary amount from the “warehouse” – bone material – in the long run it will remain empty, and bone thinning will occur – osteoporosis.

ApaCal® is primarily for maintaining and restoring bone density, but it is also very effective in promoting the healing of fractures, traumas as well as postoperative wounds.

Is ApaCal Safe for kidneys function?

Due to the 100% absorption of ApaCal® it is a safe and effective choice for people with kidney failure, cause there is no excess calcium left to be deposited in the kidney.

What about gastrointestinal disorders?

ApaCal® has Easy digestion in a short time of 2-3 minutes and absorption of 30 minutes (The main problem of osteoporosis occurs mainly in the elderly, who unfortunately sometimes do not have a healthy digestive system). So ApaCal® is a great choice for people with digestive problems.

What are the ingredients of ApaCal®?

220 mg of nano calcium hydroxyapatite contains 86 mg of calcium, 40.75 mg of phosphorus and the rest contains hydroxide ions, oxygen and magnesium. Due to the nano-size of calcium hydroxyapatite, 10% of RDA is sufficient for daily use.


Package type 2 blister pack in box
Number in package 30
Health Code 15392066794311669350
Gender of consumption All genders
Category Capsule
Manufacturer Company Daroo Salamat Pharmed
Manufacturer Country Iran

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