Hi Kid

The early years – from birth until starting school – is a critical period in terms of a child's development. Since vitamins play an important role in mental and physical growth, height growth and proper weight gain, in this period of life children have higher need for vitamins and minerals. Hi Kid® drops are specially formulated multivitamin-mineral to provide enough iron, zinc with vitamins. This supplement, with high amounts of antioxidants, strengthens and boosts the immune system of children. By having vitamins of the B family, Hi Kid® plays a significant role in maintaining the health and improving the appetite of children. Vitamin D in Hi Kid® helps the natural growth of bones and teeth. Hi Kid® also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E, and the combination of these vitamins improves the health of the child. Hi Kid® drops can be used for children over six months old, and the daily dose is one cc.


  • Multivitamin drops with a good taste of orange and lemon
  • Providing vitamins, zinc, and iron needed by children for mental and physical development
  • Normal improvement of food digestion and increase of children’s appetite
  • Boost the immune system function


Package type Bottle
Number in package 30mL
Health Code 15392027122984051506
Gender of consumption All genders
Category Drop
Manufacturer Company Daroo Salamat Pharmed
Manufacturer Country Iran

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