Camvit Fort

Vitamins are among essential micro nutrients, which the body needs for normal growth and development. A certain amount of all vitamins per day is recommended for the proper functioning of the body. One of the most important age groups that have a special need to receive a variety of nutrients and vitamins are infants, whose only source of food, is mother milk or powdered milk. These types of milk cannot afford the necessary vitamin D for infants.


  • More potent supply of vitamins D
  • Promote growth and strength of bones and teeth
  • Natural base oil
  • Without parabens and gluten
  • Without flavoring, coloring, and preservatives
  • Alcohol-free

Camvit® Fort, with 1000 units of vitamin D, provides one of the most important essential substances necessary to an infant’s rapid growth, healthy immune system, formation and development of bones, the health of vision, skin, teeth gums, etc.

Artificial additives, such as various colors and flavors, can increase the risk of some disorders such as hyperactivity in children (ADHD), allergic reactions, carcinogenicity, and carotenosis.

In the special formulation of Camvit® Fort, none of the coloring and flavoring materials, preservatives, and gluten are used, and the natural nature of the product has made it suitable from birth without the possibility of any unwanted complications.


Package type Bottle
Number in package 30mL Drops
Health Code 15392054114664128038
Gender of consumption All genders
Category Drop
Manufacturer Company Daroo Salamat Pharmed
Manufacturer Country Iran

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