Magnesium is a very important mineral and electrolyte for normal bone structure and many reactions in the body. Muscle cramps are common complications during pregnancy, old age, motor neuron disorders or exercise. As a result, it is recommended to take magnesium supplements to prevent such cramps. With increasing physical activity, the need for magnesium increases and by reducing lactate accumulation in muscles, it improves sports performance. This nutrient plays an important role in energy metabolism and greater ability to stretch muscles. Magnesium consumption can also reduce the risk of bone fractures. Taking magnesium has other benefits: as a laxative to treat constipation, antacid for acid indigestion (reflux), helping to treat anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney stones, cystic fibrosis, and recovery after surgery, muscle cramps at night and during pregnancy, as well as in old age. It is used for muscle pain, depression, altitude sickness, migraine headaches, osteoporosis, menstrual syndrome, asthma and bone and teeth health, and restless leg syndrome.


  • Fast absorption and effectiveness compared to other pharmaceutical forms
  • Ease of use and no need to swallow
  • Absence of digestive discomfort
  • Maintaining the health and strength of bones
  • Pleasant and desirable taste
  • More therapeutic effect
  • Can be used by diabetic patients

Also, this mineral plays an important role in many body reactions:

  • Muscle movement
  • energy production
  • Protein formation
  • Preservation of genes
  • Regulation of the nervous system


Package type PP/PE Tube
Number in package 20
Health Code 15392059843299771383
Gender of consumption All genders
Category General Effervescent
Manufacturer Company Daroo Salamat Pharmed
Manufacturer Country Iran

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